​Kimberly Florio
​Theatre Arts Director


Performing is my passion! Creating magic is my goal! Finding that spark that lies within every student is my job! Welcome to the East Lake Theatre Family! I am your teacher, director, choreographer, organizer, sound and light technician, musician, costumer, prop mistress and builder! Ha, Ha, Ha! Who are we kidding? I don’t do all of that by myself…I have an incredibly, talented team! And I want YOU on my team. I have wanted to be a STAR since birth, just ask my Mom! Performing and making the audience walk away with an incredible experience is the BEST feeling in the world! I graduated with a Theatre Arts Education Degree, K-12, and decided to perform full time. After traveling around the world, dinner theatres, summer stock, theme parks and a stint in the islands...I landed into teaching. Now I have taught for 18 years and have enjoyed watching the students find their passion in the world of theatre. If you want to catch me onstage that will be in the summer in NC. I love remaining emerged in the craft that I get to teach and create daily! My best starring role is that of Mom to my son Jacob. He is the light of my life and watching him find his passion is thrilling! I look forward to meeting you! This is a wonderful place to be! We are kind! We are talented! We are creative! We are Troupe 4356!


The student's here are very professional and take everything given to them seriously. No matter if they plan to pursue the arts or not, they are hardworkers and love to teach those that come after them. The great thing about these students is that I'm not the only teacher, they will come in and teach classes everything they know so the knowledge is spread and known to all.
Classes are rigorous to challenge you and keep you on your feet but are still filled with fun projects and games! The Tech classes build the sets for all of our shows, our mainstage musical casts come straight from our Musical Theatre classes and the Theatre classes help build skills such as public speaking, teamwork, and (obviously) acting amongst many others!

In the East Lake Drama Department, we strive to make high school an enjoyable experience for all that come through our doors. Whether it be teaching them new skills or making them fall in love with a new show or kind of performance, we welcome everyone with open arms.​


The East Lake Drama Department also has an honor society with a minimum of 100 hours to be accepted into it! The International Thespian Society strives to pump out the best actors, techs, singers, and dancers and keep them in shape for all years they are in high school.​