How This Page is Organized: An Explanation by your neighborhood Fig

We at East Lake Drama are aware that not everyone will understand something if presented in one way. Kids are constantly struggling in school because they are stuck with a teacher who is a verbal teacher when the student is a visual learner. Therefore, we are aware that events are one of the big problems that seem to be a big loss with people due to issues with "not knowing how to read the calendar", "they can't find the event", "they want to know what's happening 2 months from now and not just this month" so we're here to minimize that confusion.

Below you will find a calendar of the current month listing all events visually.

If you scroll down underneath, you will find a summary of all events happening in the current month including location, times, and any other necessary information.

Below that, you will find a list of the rest of the events happening in the school year with important information,

such as: Fifth-Third Bank Car Wash - 9-5 (volunteers must work in 2 hour shifts), so that everyone can plan accordingly whether you are gearing up for a mini vacation or need to put in days off for a work schedule.

As the year progresses, there will be a PDF linked at the bottom of the page with past month's events so you can always look back and remember what happened (or for filling out your point sheet ;)

December 2019

December 5 - OA Districts

December 6 - OA Districts

December 7 - I.Es Districts

January 2020

January 21 - Madagascar Jr. In School Performance

January 23 - Madagascar Jr. 

January 24 - Madagascar Jr.

February 2020

February 26 - SETC

February 27 - SETC

February 28 - SETC

February 29 - SETC

March 2020


March 12 - NY

March 13 - NY

March 14 - NY

March 15 - NY

March 16 - NY

April 2020

April 2 - Shrek

April 3 - Shrek

April 4 - Shrek

April 23 - Senior Showcase

May 2020

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