Spray Foam: The Devil.

Named after everyone's favorite Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind scene, welcome to Theatre Chat! Troupe 4356 already offers a ton, and now we have a blog to share, discuss, and review everything involving theatre!

To start this off, I would like to share my experience with spray foam in hopes to make a giant Farquaad head.

As we all know by now, Shrek The Musical is coming right around the corner! (April 2-4). In charge of props with Ashley Browning, I took on the huge responsibility of a very hard prop. A duloc character called "the Greeter" is written to come on stage wearing a giant Farquaad head and greet Donkey and Shrek like Mickey Mouse at Disney. It's truly terrifying and hilarious, and that's exactly what I like to create!

I started this process by wondering... how the heck am I going to make this from scratch? I spent weeks preparing and planning. The planning was a waste of time because this project was purely trial and error. From pipe cleaners to paper mache, I found the medium that works best for me. It doesn't mean it's a good choice, but it's really all I've got at this point. Spray foam. The devil as I call it now. I have gone through so many of my favorite pants as it's ruined all of them. Show shirts: DESTROYED. Hands: ALLERGIC REACTIONS. Floor: DISASTER.

It's really been a nightmare, but it's worth it because it's looking pretty great so far! Unfortunately I'm not even half way done with this massive project, but when I'm done I know I will be so relieved, maybe I'll let myself relax for once.

I urge you all to come see Shrek The Musical April 2nd-4th! It's a spectacular show staring the beloved Sean Cunningham and Isabelle Lunsway. It's a message of self love, acceptance of others, and acceptance of being UNIQUE and loving yourself for WHO YOU ARE! Come see it and let your freak flag fly!

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