Weekly Update 8/31/20

Howdy guys! Hope everyone has had a good first week of school! Please be sure to fill out the Registration form under "Classes" if you have not already! Also be sure to join our Facebook group, as that is where a lot of important information is shared! This week we are having our first Drama Club of the year, over Zoom! It will be this Wednesday (September 2nd) at 4:30pm! The Meeting ID is: 964-152-2717, and the Password is: THJzT9. A link to it will also be posted on the Facebook! We will be sharing lots of information about this year, and meeting everyone! Also stay after for a fun activity from our Improv Czar Alyssa Kraynak, and Chief Jake Tottle! One Act auditions will also be starting this Wednesday! There will be a link to the audition form posted on the Facebook, and on the "Auditions Info" page under "Student Life". You will have a whole week (until Wednesday the 9th) to submit your audition. Please prepare a 30-40 second comedic monologue. If you would like to audition for the musical one act, also prepare a short cut of a musical theatre song, along with the monologue. We hope to see all your lovely faces this week at the Drama Club meeting and One Act auditions! For any questions, always feel free to reach out on the website messaging system, or on our troupe Instagram! Have a great week! :)

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