Troupe 4356 Disticts 2019


There's no better place to make friends and enjoy theatre in school than in the East Lake High School Drama Department. Every aspect of the program is intertwined with positivity and radiates professionalism and refinement that you wouldn't find in most schools. There's no way anyone can go through this program and not experience every aspect of theatre atleast once. There have even been people who have gone through this program starting off in one class and ending in all three (Musical Theatre, Theatre, Tech Theatre). The friendships you make in this place are so pure and good that it's hard to find a negative soul anywhere. Everyone strives to uplift one another, whether that mean before an audition or before a big test in their math class. If there was a singular word to put on the people of this department, it would be: Supportive. No matter what, you will always find a strong and caring support system amongst every class and that is something other schools lack. Not East Lake.

Written by Fig ('19)


Meets Every Friday in the Theater from 2-4:30

Czar: Jake Tottle
Chief: Troy Ochoa

Eric Arriola, Arista Athanassie, Dean Evans, James Rosa, and Eva Wingfield

Technicians run crew

"My favorite part about tech is working together with people on projects and shows." - Eric A ('22)

"I love being able to learn so many skills and be more marketable to a director or employer!" - Fig ('19)


"Being onstage and feeling like I'm apart of a show is my favorite part about theatre." - Eric A ('22)

'My favorite part of theatre is the thrill of when you are onstage and you feel so alive. You wish you never had to leave stage and you feel proud that you entertained someone. Bonding with the character is another favorite as they turn into a part of me." - Jake T ('22)

See how they run
Freaky Friday Musical One Act


"Musical Theatre lets me express myself in a way where I'm actually happy." - Koda S ('22)

"It's amazing being able to tell a story through song and dance, and watching everything come together through the hard work of the cast and crew." - Demetri R ('22)

"Making art is what I was put on this earth for. It's amazing having a place like this to do it."

-Lee B ('21)